Children Outdoors


 “The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things”                                                                           Plato

Children need to move – they can’t help it! Spending time outdoors provides them with unrestricted space and endless opportunities to stimulate their play, learning and physical development.


Our teachers foster ‘habits of mind’ such as curiosity, cooperativeness, respect for living things, persistence and caring that will serve children well throughout their lives. Children who play outdoors regularly:


  • Become fitter and leaner
  • Develop stronger immune systems
  • Have more active imaginations
  • Have lower stress levels
  • Play more creatively
  • Have greater respect for themselves and others


We recognise that every child has unique abilities, strengths and needs. During observations, assessments and planning, we identify areas for development and next steps for all children. We welcome all cultures and celebrate diversity. We invite families to come in and share various aspects of their culture with our staff and children.


We value the work your child creates – and we create creators! We celebrate the process of creativity, not just the end product. Children are still developing their gross and fine motor skills and manipulating small tools takes time and effort. As environmentally friendly early learning schools, we encourage transient art and our children produce amazingly intricate displays with natural materials which are photographed to record the process. Creativity may also be displayed in our indoor environment.