What Parents Need to Know

parentsWhen you think of your childhood, don’t you think of all the brilliant outdoor places you used to play? Time spent outdoors is one of the most passionate joys of childhood and provides so many treasured memories in adulthood.


In fact, leading experts worldwide recommend that children have a minimum of three hours active outdoor play every day. Unfortunately, however, very few children today get the opportunity to do this and research has shown that they are missing out on the wonder of a childhood outdoors. The number of hours spent indoors looking at screens is on the increase and it’s no coincidence that the drastic reduction in outdoor play in recent years has gone hand in hand with an increasing epidemic of childhood obesity.


Early Learning Schools help children develop a disposition to learn, research and seek mastery in whatever it is they are interested in. We encourage children to show empathy towards one another and foster the skill of building positive relationships. From home to the outdoors is an important step and our staff work hard to ensure that starting in our schools is a happy experience for both child and parent. To help ensure a smooth start, we offer a flexible settling in period and are happy to co-operate with parents during this process. A pre-entry visit is arranged to familiarise parents and children with the outdoor environment. Every effort is made to ensure that a new child feels welcome and develops a strong sense of belonging in our schools.